Qualities to Look for When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

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Essential Criteria for Choosing an Assisted Living Home

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The placement of a loved one in a nursing home is a decision that many people do not want to consider in many instances. However, at some point in life, elderly citizens need assistance to undertake day-to-day routines due to a lack of proper in-home care. When the time comes, choosing the right nursing care facility for a loved one can be emotionally draining and challenging at the same time, especially for first-timers. Here are a few tips to make the decision much more manageable.

Care Philosophy

The programs employed in a care home influence the quality of life for the elderly. Although most care homes have a holistic care philosophy incorporating physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, do not assume this is always the case; therefore, ask questions about the wellbeings package on offer. For example, some assisted living homes focus on medical interventions rather than habilitative care, which his likely to affect the overall stay of senior citizens. Moreover, some centres lack the much needed spiritual nourishment that is key to the holistic growth of an individual. Spare no effort in seeking a care facility that shares similar values to those espoused by your loved one.

Facility Layout and Furnishing

One critical decision you have to make when selecting a care home is the layout. Before you move your loved one to a nursing home, evaluate its design regarding space and furnishing. The layout has a significant bearing on the comfort of individuals hosted in a care facility. Notably, most care homes operate based on shared facilities such as rooms, thereby limiting the privacy of residents. Therefore, inquire if single rooms are available and whether the same can be customised to create a similar ambience to the one at home to foster familiarity and comfort. You will be at peace if you are sure about the type and quality of facilities in a care centre. Therefore, engage in research and identify the best home for your loved one based on taste and preference.


Moving into a nursing home for the elderly can be a traumatising experience for any individual since the environment is initially strange. While it is apparent that individuals being hosted in a care home are usually unable to do many things independently, some aspects of their lives should be left to personal choice if they are physically and mentally astute. For instance, you should let an elderly decide what type of food to eat, as long as it is nutritious. Importantly, you should avoid being bossy since it breeds feelings of resentment and makes the stay at an assisted care facility difficult for most clients.

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