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A Guide On Respite Care Services

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A challenge faced by most primary caregivers is that they do not have time to attend to their personal matters. More often than not, they are too embroiled in caring for their loved ones that they may neglect their friends, hobbies, and interests. Unknown to them, this causes anxiety and depression, which have adverse effects on their health. Respite care offers instant relief to caregivers who would want to take a break from their regular caregiving duties. Typically, they transfer their caregiving duties to another caregiver for a specified period. If you wish to engage a respite care service, the extract below offers some valuable insights. 

Inform Your Loved One About The Change

Over time, your loved one will create a long-lasting bond with you, given that you cater to all their needs. Therefore, they might not be comfortable receiving care from another person. As such, you should engage them before enrolling them for respite care. Have an open conversation and inform them why you will not be around for a while. Ensure that they understand that you are not terminating your services. Most importantly, promise to communicate with them while you are away. 

Choose A Capable Respite Care Provider

There are other factors to consider when choosing a respite care provider. For example, respite care could be provided in a respite care centre or at home. Respite care centres offer your loved one an opportunity to interact with other seniors. Conversely, home-based respite care is convenient since your loved one does not have to move.

Conduct due diligence to establish the expertise of the respite care provider. Positive client reviews and professional accreditations are an indication of quality services.

Check the services offered by the respite care provider. They include supervision, medical care, household tasks, activities of daily living and provision of meals. Reputable service providers will customise their services to suit your loved one's needs.

Assess the payment arrangements. The rule is that the respite care provider should be affordable. Besides, they should not have hidden and extra charges. Consider personal attributes, such as attention to detail, patience, empathy and excellent communication skills as well. 

Ensure A Smooth Transition 

Once you find a suitable respite care provider, introduce them to your loved one a few days before. It is an excellent way to establish trust and help build their relationship. Inform the respite care provider about your loved one's medical needs and nutrition plan. Do not forget to tell them about their interests, likes, and dislikes. For example, it could be that the patient gets irritated by loud noise. 

When enrolling a loved one to respite care, inform them about the transition, choose a capable respite care provider and ensure a smooth transition.